I’m available for music composition. Drop me a line!

Music Composition

As a composer, I find that simplicity is the best way to communicate energy and emotion, which is often the main role of music in a game or a film. This is especially true when the audience is distracted by visuals, dialog and sound effects. I work hard to say what needs to be said with as few notes as possible.

Below you’ll find my film scoring reel and a best-of collection of audio samples. For more targeted collections, please click the tabs above to view my film, advertising and game pages.

“Jeff took a handful of ideas and concepts I wanted to embody in my podcast’s theme and really nailed it. I have received dozens of compliments about the theme, and I can’t get it out of my head!”

—Glenn Fleishman,
“The New Disruptors” Podcast

Below is my film scoring reel and some audio examples of my movie work. I love composing for film because of the way the music and video work together to enhance and enrich the drama of the scene. Watch some of my favorite examples of this synergy below, and let me know if you have a project that needs great music!



“Jeff is a consummate pro and a real collaborator. When you bring an idea to him he takes it enthusiastically and runs with it, multiplying it tenfold in the process.”

—Craig Packard,
Writer and Director,
“Bobby Ellis Is Gonna Kick Your Ass”

Below are some examples of my advertising and corporate video compositions, including my ad reel and a playlist of commercial music. CDs are available by request. Please send me an email if you’d like one.

“Working with Jeff was energizing. The professionalism, consistency and expeditiousness he brought elevated our entire project.”

—Basic Shadid,
Lifewise “You Got This” Advertisements

Below is video and audio of my work for both casual and action games. In many cases I not only wrote the music, but I also did the sound design and voiceover supervision on many of the clips.

Casual Games

Action Games

“Jeff is an exceptional composer. I would trust no one more than him to compose fantastic, organically detailed and emotionally charged music!”

—Brian Kramer,
“Faerie Solitaire”